Meridian Yoga with Zoey

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Meridian Yoga with Zoey

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What is Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT)?

Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT) developed by Rose Erin Vaughan is based on the 8-limbed Yogic principles and informed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system of points and pathways to ease the flow of energy and release muscle tension, pain, headaches, digestive issues, depression, etc.

In modern times, much of our physical pain comes from problems in the mind and emotions. The ancient philosophies like Yoga and Chinese medicine are sophisticated systems that offer maps of the body, mind and soul, a different kind of anatomy that acknowledges the physical as well as the emotional. Even in modern culture, the heart is known not only as an organ that pumps the blood, but also as the source of love and compassion, connection to divine and other. Meridian Yoga is a modern synthesis of these two ancient systems. (Read more on



Starting on OCT 22, 2019

7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.


7s Labo - 七堂生活实验室

36 E Broadway Second FL, New York, NY 10002



Only 10 spots available, please RSVP.




$100 for 4 classes