Tea Tasting Tuesday Mar 20 | Wild Black Tea


Tea Tasting Tuesday Mar 20 | Wild Black Tea

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Wild teas are the most undefinable and unpredictable tea. They are hand-picked and processed by local farmers and sometimes cannot be squarely classified in one specific tea category, which is determined by the level of oxidation.

Tea enthusiasts, Hua and Tracey, will share their personal collection of wild black tea from two different regions in Asia. One is a bug-bitten black tea directly sourced from the the biodiverse mountain in Pinglin, Northern Taiwan (坪林), and the other is a semi-oxidized wild tea grown in the bamboo grove of the Jiri Mountains in South Korea (智異山).  Both have aged over time, but each developed very distinct aroma and flavor by their unique soil, weather condition and human activities.

Come by on March 20th Tuesday night for a tasting and in-depth conversation about the stories behind the wild teas. Light tea-pairings refreshments will also be provided. We also offer self-served tea menu for your individual exploration.


Tuesday, MAR 20


7s Labo - 七堂生活实验室

36 E Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10002





Seat are limited, please RSVP