Tea Tasting Friday | Tong Mu Guan Black Tea


Tea Tasting Friday | Tong Mu Guan Black Tea


A tea tasting event featuring Tong Mu Guan Black Tea

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7 Arts’ Capitan, a gourmet and tea connoisseur, went back to China last month for school reunion. Luckily, his old-days friends include insiders of tea business in Wuyi Mountain. Not only he was able to explored the “prohibited“ Tong Mu Guan (a village in Wuyi Mountain famous for its production of red and wulong teas. The local government banned free entry to protect the biodiversity within the village), he also brought back some of the most recognized red teas grown there. The amount of tea produces “within” Tong Mu Guan rather than merely “near” Tong Mu Guan is extremely limited due to the protection policy and restriction on access, but it also makes a true difference in terms of the growing environment and tea quality. 

During this tasting session, we will try Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (tasting notes are like pine tree and sweet cinnamon), Jin Jun Mei (tasting note is close to floral honey), and Lao Cong Red Tea (from a hundred year old tea tree). In our next session, we will taste another two rare cliff teas I brought back this time.  Hope to see you at the tea tasting and hear your thoughts about the teas not commonly available in the market.



JULY 12, 2019

7:30 p.m.


7S Labo

36 E Broadway

New York, NY 10002





7 Seats only, please RSVP