Co-host Yaji

Melodies, tea and fine objects;

Experience and enjoy the beauty of a refined Chinese lifestyle.

Basic Flow (additional parts are open to be added):

Guqin music: cool down and relax in the meditating melodies
Tea ceremony: focus and settle down with pleasant tea
Other traditional Chinese music
Social and networking



We Provide

  • Guqin repertoire and other traditional music;

  • Tea Ceremony

  • Marketing material;

  • Promotion


You provide:

  • A fine place for Yaji

  • Promote channel

  • Vip customers


Customized Event Services

We provide Guqin repertoire, tea ceremony and fine Chinese objects to your private gathering, business meeting or other social event, creating your events with a refined Chinese beauty and elegance.


Private Gathering

Business Meeting

Social Event

Please contact us to cooperate in any business endeavors. We are more than happy to work with you!


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