Tea & Practice: Gong Fu Cha Brewing


Tea & Practice: Gong Fu Cha Brewing

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Gong Fu Cha is a method of brewing tea developed in China more than five hundred years ago. In this approach, through first being challenged by a tea, one acquires the skills needed to brew it correctly, revealing a tea's full range of flavors and recognizing its qualities. In "Tea & Practice: Gong Fu Cha Brewing " we will explore the many different types of teas grown in China and learn the specific ways to unlock their full potential. Using nothing but curiosity and our senses, paired with a teapot or gaiwan, each course will be a practice in "doing more with less" and understanding how to brew tea through direct experience knowledge. 

Come prepared to focus on one or two specific teas over the length of 1 to 2 hours. While teaware will be available to use, it is encouraged to bring your own teapot or gaiwan to each class as this will help you to become more adept with your own wares.

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Scott Norton is a San Francisco-born, New York City-based tea person. He has been working in the tea industry for more than 15 years, sourcing tea in East Asia, and leading education on tea history, production, and culture at universities, museums, and tea houses. He is trained in Japanese tea ceremony and practices gong fu cha and Korean Seon tea meditation. He is also a writer and researcher on contemporary art, pre-modern art history, and East Asian scholar culture.


Friday, AUG 3



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