7s Art Tea Tasting Tuesday


7s Art Tea Tasting Tuesday

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Originally having teas is something that can be conducted any places from the muddy grounds to a golden teahouse. But no matter where it happens, having tea also feels like a ritual that requires one’s high attention to the simple ceremony, while forced to remain the uncomfortable sitting postures. This inherent asceticism was formally incorporated into Japanese tea ceremony by Sen Rikyo to preserve its Zen Buddhist connection, and it continues to inform the modern day practice.

In this tea tasting, we will explore the joy of asceticism through the gastronomy of tea drinking and the physicality of tea practices, and how this multi-sensorial ritual affects our mentality.

The tasting will be followed by an informal discussion on the joy of and desire for asceticism. How is it defined in modern time in opposition to hedonism? What are the effects of this division in naming? How is it perceived in different cultures and by different age groups?

Feel free to drop by on Tuesday around 7:30pm to indulge in the bitter taste and the strange stringency on your tongue. Sip the tea, enjoy the refreshments, and share your thoughts on asceticism in modern life.


Tuesday Nights at 7:30 p.m. 


7s Labo - 七堂生活实验室

36 E Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10002






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